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Boogie Woogie Jesus Project

Dave first learned of Nashville Rescue Mission through Michael Del Giorno, talk radio host on 99.7 WTN. “I guess you could say Michael is an admirer of our work, as much as we are admirers of his,” said Dave. “He has a passion for what the Mission is doing in our community and had mentioned it to me on numerous occasions.”

It wasn’t until a chance meeting at a Covenant Confirmers church service that the opportunity to perform at the Mission took shape. “In ways only God can ordain, I met Eric Grindeland, senior director of guest services ministries for the Mission,” recalls Dave. “He was able to tell me more about the work being done and invited us to come out.”

That was five years ago, and ever since, BWJP looks forward to the five or six times a year they are able to perform for the guests who stay at the Men’s Campus. “With our schedules it is sometimes a challenge to coordinate, but it is one gig we all look forward to and make every effort to be a part of. We are blessed with several other talented musicians who will sub if one of us is unable to attend.”

While each of the band members has their own ‘day’ job, they are all committed to the mission God has for them. “BWJP allows us to combine our talents and love of the Lord to bring pure enjoyment to audiences through an amazing musical experience,” said Dave. “In the case of performing for the men at the Mission, we know we are exactly where God wants us. It’s a joy to see the men stand up, sing along, and celebrate with us. I think it blesses us more than it does them.”

There is a real sense of camaraderie among the group. “Performing together is about more than just music, it’s about using our gifts to give back and bless others,” shared Dave.

For the last three years, BWJP has performed a show for the men at the Mission on the Friday night before Christmas. “I can’t think of a better audience to share the message of hope and joy that Jesus brings than to those who are hungry, homeless, and hurting,” said Dave. “Especially when they live right here in our own backyard.”

“When BWJP performs at the Mission, I hate to say it, but it’s almost as if another 50 to 75 men become homeless,” said Mike Tatar, lead case manager at the Mission. “Word travels fast in this community, and many of the men who might otherwise sleep under a bridge or on a park bench will make their way in when they know BWJP is performing during a chapel service. These men may come to hear some great music, but they also receive a message of hope that is rooted in Christ … and more than anything, that has the power to transform a life.”

The Mission is blessed to have volunteers such as BWJP who look for unique and interesting ways to use their time and talents to give back to those in need. If you would like to learn more about ways you too can give back, please visit this link.

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