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Being A Light

Every third Saturday of the month, Neal and a group of volunteers from City on a Hill church arrive at Nashville Rescue Mission ready to serve those in need. For Neal, the desire to serve comes from a place of intimate knowledge of the pain and suffering many of those struggling with addiction experience. Two years ago, Neal flew out to California to bring his son home. His son was battling an addiction and needed help.

“It’s tough to watch someone you love struggle with addiction,” said Neal. “As we drove across the country headed back to Nashville, I told my son he had two options—he could either figure out a way to make it on his own, or he could go to Nashville Rescue Mission and get help.”

With gratitude, Neal says his son chose to come to the Mission. “The time he spent at the Mission opened him up to the Scriptures,” said Neal. “And while he did not complete the program, he did experience radical transformation. This was his turning point.”

One year later and life is very different for Neal and his son. His son has been clean for over a year now and continues to participate in Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered recovery program. And Neal has started a church in the heart of downtown Nashville called City on a Hill.

“I spent most of my life in Los Angeles pursuing a music career. After years of struggling, we moved to Nashville in 1995,” says Morse. “And while I did find success in the genre of progressive rock, there was still something missing. I didn’t know what that was until 2002, when I became a born-again Christian.”

As Neal continued to write, perform, produce, and record music, his path increasingly revealed more of what his heart had sought all along. Yet he also began to find his career growing at odds with his faith.

“In prayer, God started speaking to my heart and it became quite clear that I was to start a church,” shared Neal. “So I did. In the midst of this, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about Nashville Rescue Mission. I’ve performed at their Friday night coffeehouse and started volunteering on a regular basis. As a congregation, partnering with Nashville Rescue Mission makes perfect sense. We are both in the heart of downtown and trying to connect those who are lost and hurting with a God who loves them.”

“Serving at the Mission has been a great experience for our congregation,” said Morse. “Not only are we giving back to those in need, our members are building

relationships and connecting with each other on a much deeper level. I’m so grateful for the Mission and the services they provide to those in our community who are in need.”

Nashville Rescue Mission is thankful for Neal, his church, and other volunteers like them in our community who are committed to giving back and helping serve those in need. 

If you’d like to learn about more ways you and/or your church can get involved, visit this link.

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