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A Beautiful Offering

Every Thursday morning, 16 people gather at Brentwood United Methodist Church. They decide who will drive and pile into vehicles to make the short trip downtown to Nashville Rescue Mission. The drive is filled with smiles and laughter as they share their lives and eagerly await the chance to serve lunch once more. Linda Hood didn’t know these people just three years ago when she began organizing the weekly adventure. But now, they’re some of her closest friends.
“I worked downtown for years, so I knew that there were tons of homeless women. I began trying to find where they went for shelter.  Once someone gave me information on the women’s Mission I made a phone call and said, ‘I’m free on Thursday. Can I come down and serve lunch?” And that’s how it all began.
She now serves lunch 48 Thursdays every year. The only thing that keeps her away from this place on a Thursday is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the four times a year she serves the homeless through a different ministry. Linda is truly a champion. Her passion for the women is contagious, as she brags on them and their accomplishments.
“I met a young woman who is from my hometown of Manchester, Tennessee, “she shares. “Her grandmother and I grew up together! I instantly bonded with this young lady. She graduated from the Life Recovery Program 15 months ago and is now reunited with her family and children…As volunteers, we get to learn the women’s stories. We all have someone who’s really touched us.”
We all have special skills that we can contribute, whether or not we realize it. For Linda, it’s her decorating expertise. She changes the decorations seasonally – bringing flowers, table runners and other holiday items to make the dining room feel extra warm and welcoming. “It seems to make such a difference to the women here. It makes it feel more like home and reminds them that someone cares about them.”
There are so many ways to get involved at the Mission. We are sure that there are ways for you to use YOUR skills here! Will you donate your time and expertise?

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