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Making the Connection

For the past ten years, Deb and husband Rob have performed across the U.S. and overseas in churches, prisons, homeless shelters and recovery centers with their band Dust & Daisies. Their music and live shows are all about spreading a Christ-centered message of hope and healing.Deb says, “Hands down, my favorite place to play is Nashville Rescue Mission.” Since 2011, Dust & Daisies has been sharing their music (and Deb’s own recovery story) at the Friday Night Coffee House, graduations, 4th of July, and most recently the Mission’s 60th Anniversary celebration.“From the second I get up on stage and introduce myself and my struggle, we are all connected,” says Deb. “We are on the same journey. We have the same Savior leading us and healing us. It is the most amazing spiritual experience I have ever encountered. The men and women in the Mission’s Life Recovery Program are on fire for God in such a real way, because they have been through so much. I feel like maybe that’s why the connection is so powerful. I have been on a similar journey and I get it.”Because of Deb’s past struggles and now victory over her own addiction, an eating disorder, she is passionate about bringing music to the Mission to serve those who come to listen.
“As any volunteer will tell you, you go there with the intention of being a blessing to others,” shares Deb. “But you come back being ten times more blessed! Every story they share with us about where they came from, what they are going through, the big and small victories they are experiencing, and the hope they have found as they are fighting to get their lives back on track—these are all really God’s story and it absolutely inspires me.”
Their original songs come out their real-life experiences along the recovery journey.  Add in contemporary worship to their set along with mainstream rock and it makes for an energetic crowd anytime they perform at the Mission.
“When we start to play Heart or Janis Joplin, the place goes nuts”, she says. “But then in the same set we will play Revelation Song and Amazing Grace. There is just so much reverence and passion.  It becomes an unbelievable worship experience. I get really choked up when I see them raising their hands and singing their hearts out. I am thankful we have such a powerful ministry like Nashville Rescue Mission to help men and women who are struggling, get out of the pit and lay the groundwork so they have another chance at life.”
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