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Math Makes a Difference

When Jim walked through the doors of the Mission, he had no idea how much it would impact his life.
“I’ve been donating to Nashville Rescue Mission for many years,” says Jim. “I saw a life of generosity lived out in my home growing up and have always believed it was better to give than receive.”
After 32 years in the military, Jim retired. “With a lot of free time on my hands, I stopped by the Mission. I wanted to see first-hand the work they were doing,” says Jim. “I was not prepared for the enormousness of their facility, much less the vast array of programs and services
they offered to those in need of help. Once I learned more about the different opportunities to serve, I made up my mind to volunteer.”
Jim signed up to help in the Mission’s education program, teaching men and women math skills that would prepare them for the GED® Test. “I’m an engineer 
by trade, but teaching runs in my family,” says Jim. “My mom was a teacher. My sister was a teacher. I felt volunteering in this area would be a good use of my time and talents.”
Little did Jim know just how much of a value his time and talents would be to the Mission over the years.
“Jim’s been a huge blessing to 
the Mission’s education program,” says Dr. Jay Juday, Director of Education. “Based on his knowledge and experiences as a volunteer, Jim wrote a program for the math class that has been extremely helpful in accelerating the learning process for those in the class.”
Jim says the “good feeling” he gets when someone in his class “finally gets it” after they’ve been struggling to understand is one of the greatest feelings in the world.
“Although I donate time and money to Nashville Rescue Mission—the truth is, I get more out of it than what I give,” says Jim. “I think more people would volunteer if they really understood the math behind that equation.”

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