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You Give Hope

 Don WorrellWe all have meals we think of as “comfort food”—maybe a plate of mom’s fried chicken, a pot of chili or just warm chocolate chip cookies. But as a friend of the Nashville Rescue Mission, you know that for many families in our community, it’s a comfort just to have food—any food at all.

As you prepare to gather around the table with your loved ones this Thanksgiving, know that men, women and children are gathering around our holiday table because of your support.
We’re so grateful that your celebration of God’s bounty in your own life extends to sharing some of that bounty with the neediest people in our community.
“You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”   – John Bunyan
Your compassion means they will have a place to go during the holidays, a place that’s warm, friendly and full of hope. It also means that many can come in for a meal and find so much more.
Webster defines comfort as “a feeling of ease from grief or trouble; a reduction of or freedom from pain.” Here at the Mission comfort comes in many forms—a nutritious meal, a safe bed, a caring word or a counselor to lead them through the steps to a better life. You play a valuable role in helping provide this comfort they desperately need.
Thank you for helping us prepare a full holiday table for the needy this Thanksgiving. Their comfort food will be fried turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and all the other trimmings of Thanksgiving—but their spiritual comfort will come from the Giver of all good gifts and the fact that friends like you care enough to make a difference in their lives!
Don Worrell
President and CEO
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