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Voices of the Mission: Mental Health

The Mission has dedicated therapists to help participants in the Life Recovery Program rebuild their lives on a solid foundation. In honor of Mental Health Month, let’s hear from a few of our Clinical Therapists on the importance of mental health.



Simone Lampkin, MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

“It is just as important to take care of the physical body as it is a person’s mental well-being—for they are integrated into the same being. As a mental health professional, I emphasize the need to sort through everything that has ever been ’swept under the rug’ because, after a while, those things once left behind might trip you up at the most inconvenient moment. We see this daily in the Mission’s Life Recovery Program—people who are recovering from tripping over the ‘piles of dirt’ from their past now want a clean, fresh start. Taking care of your mental health doesn’t mean you’re labeled as ’crazy.’ Instead, you understand your mind, body, and spirit function as a unit—doing what you can to keep your unit functioning well.”



Brian Nicklaus, MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

“While self-care is often viewed as a trendy concept, for me, it is rooted in the Sabbath principle. If we don’t recognize our limitations and schedule rest for body, mind, and spirit, we shouldn’t be surprised when we become sick, weak, and struggle. It’s why we need mental health awareness. Trauma and our constantly devolving society ensure people will continue to struggle with anxiety and depression. Sadly, some parts of Christianity maintain high levels of stigma, but it is difficult to be spiritually mature when one is emotionally immature. The church of 2022 and beyond needs more awareness and compassion as a bare minimum to serve our hurting world.”

“We often have participants who want Jesus, but not 12 Steps or therapy. And then some want 12 Steps but not Jesus. Since God has created us as beings with emotions, thoughts, and bodies, any growth or progress will involve holistic work. The Bible doesn’t prioritize different aspects of our being as we often do. The Lord cares about our bodies. Jesus cares about our emotions and our thinking. So, we challenge our participants to examine his or her own emotional life, prayerfully submitting it to Christ.”




Leslie Overton, MA, Life Coach/Therapist

“Nashville Rescue Mission offers various mental, emotional, and spiritual health services. We have a diverse staff of skilled life coaches, therapists, case managers, and mentors equipped to walk alongside participants and guests as they find their way through life’s struggles. The Mission’s Life Recovery Program addresses the whole person, with an emphasis on building a foundation for healthy living through a relationship with Christ. It offers a specialized group on grief. There are classes on boundaries, anger management, healthy dating and marriage skills, addiction/recovery/relapse prevention, and job readiness. Each participant is involved in a month-long class focused on understanding God and nurturing a personal relationship with Christ.”

“The Mission’s clinical team has experience treating mental and emotional issues such as anxiety, mood disorders, addiction, and trauma/PTSD. And finally, along with the mental health services offered, participants learn essential life skills they can take into the world when they are ready to start living an independent life. The Holy Spirit drives us to be of service to others. If not for Jesus Christ as the foundation of our work here, we could do nothing. However, as it is, we see broken people heal and go on to help others.”

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