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Transformation At Easter

You’re Restoring Hope This Easter

For thousands of hungry, homeless people struggling in our community, Nashville Rescue Mission is where hunger ends, and hope begins.



At Nashville Rescue Mission, we share the Good News that Christ is risen, and He offers new hope to those who have given up on life … new courage to those who are paralyzed by fear … and new life to those who live at death’s door on the streets. At the Mission, the door is open, and everyone is welcome.

Jesus Christ is our hope (1 Tim 1:1). The power He has to change a life is seen daily at the Mission. When a homeless man prays for the first time, when a hurting woman invites Him into their heart, when a child sings praises to Him … these and so many more are examples of hope being restored because of the investment you have made in the ministry of Nashville Rescue Mission.

“Easter is a time of new hope for anyone who is homeless because a person’s past does not have to dictate their future,” said Glenn Cranfield, president and CEO.

“Even someone who thinks they’ve made a mess of their life can see a new life filled with victory through Jesus Christ. This is a promise to anyone—not just someone living in a homeless shelter. Because Christ lives, this hope is available to all who willing seek Him.”



This year, thousands of traditional home-cooked meals will be served between Good Friday and Easter Sunday to men, women, and children in the community who are not only in need of a meal to fill their empty stomach but have a greater need for hope.

“Meals can be the entry point for someone who is experiencing homelessness and hunger to find out about the other services we offer that can help them get off the streets permanently,” shared Cranfield. “A traditional meal like mom used to make, served by caring and compassionate people, goes a long way in creating a loving, home-like atmosphere for Mission guests to enjoy. This act of kindness has a visible impact on each person we serve.”

Because of you and your support, these meals are served, and hope is restored.



“Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” said Cranfield. “When the women went to His tomb to prepare Jesus for burial, they found the stone in front of the tomb had been rolled away, and inside, an empty grave. Jesus had risen from the dead. His resurrection promises new life and is a reminder there is always hope. This message of hope and redemption is something we share with every person who walks through our doors.”

But our work is not done, as many more will come to the Mission this year in need of help and hope. And for those who do come this Easter, please join us in praying that God will make visible to them the things in their lives that need His resurrecting power. And just as the Father rejoices over each one who comes, so do we. And while there may be others who will choose not to come, the door is always open because of your support.

Because of faithful donors, many lives are transformed daily at Nashville Rescue Mission because they discovered that hope lives here. With your ongoing support, those who are most in need of hope can celebrate Easter surrounded by people who genuinely care about them.

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