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Annual Homeless Memorial

In December 2021 members of the Nashville community gathered at Riverfront Park to honor the men and women who were homeless or had experienced chronic homelessness and passed away this last year.

“It’s important that we honor and recognize those we lost this past year,” said Rev. Glenn Cranfield, president and CEO of Nashville Rescue Mission. “These men and women were mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. Their lives have meaning and value. They matter to God, and they matter to us.”

We remember them with your prayers and support, and we pray fewer lives will perish due to homelessness in the years to come.


Members of Nashville’s Homeless Community who died in 2021:

Timothy Abrams, Yadelin Abreu, Aguto Aguto, Eduardo Alvarez, Jeffery Michael Anderson, Tony Anthony, Shavaun Atcitty, Brittney Bannister, Jeffrey Francis Bee, Robbie Behannon, Homer Bell, Brian Berkley, Kimberly Berlin, Jackie Bess, Charles Birdsong, Douglas Bondie, Juanita Bowling, William Brink, Jake Stevens Brown, Maemae Brown, Nicholas Brown, Richard Allen Brown, James Brown Jr., Tamarsha Bumphus, Katherine M. Burdelsky, Bryant Burton, Danny Cantrell, Joe Carey, Ronnie Carney, Joseph Clayton, Steven Clemmons, Tony Coffey, David Wayne Coleman, Tony Collins Jr., Jerry Combs, Melissa Conquest, Jewel Copeland, Phillip Cornette, Carroll Crimmons, Larry Criswell, Terry L. Critchlow, Robert Crowe, James Crowley, Donald Crutcher, Paul Cunningham III, Steven Denson, Larry Gail Dowell, Lee Duffield, Daniel Dyer, Daryl Ellis, Gary Ernissee, Gary Foriest, Jessie Foster, Andrew Eugene Fox, Joe Franklin, Ralph Freeman, Stephan Fuller, Mingcorya Gaddes, Jackie Gainous, Robin “BillBill” Garrett, Michael Garschagen, Joshua Grier, Anthony Griffin, Jacob Griffin, Anthony Gunter, Larry Guthrie, Jewel Hackworth, Sammy Haddock, Jacob Hale, Cindy Ann Hall, Rodger Halpin, Nathanial Hargrove, Timothy Hatfield, Alicia Head, Daisy Hendershot, Gail Heumann, John “Dr. John” Holder, Eric Hudson, Keith Hughes, Leland K. Humphrey, Darrian Humphries, Brodge Hurst, Lewis “Louie” Jennings, Stephanie Jetton, James Johnson, Jason Johnston, Crystal Jones, James Keniston, Norris Kenner, Marvin Kimbrough, Richard Kimery, Robert Kiningham, James Robert Kinney, Joseph Knight, Joseph Koschmider, Maldon Lane, Susan Lantrip, Robert Lasater, Brian Lawrence, Arthur M. Lawson, Christopher Ledwell, James P. Lee, Walter Lewis, LaVonda Lindsley, Timothy Lofton, Steve Logan, Thelma Lynch, Roy Madison, Steven/Melody/Chichi Martinez, Larry Mashburn, Jairus C. Mathis, Larry Lee McConnell III, Kelvin McCullough, Jaritha McCutheon-Cousin, Kenneth “Kenny” McKimmy, Mark Meyers, Hyman Miller, Richard Miller, Larry Mintlow, Joshua Mitchell, Michael Moss, Jay Mountjoy, Tammy Murrock, Franklin “Don” Nash, Freeman Nation, Fred Ngongi, John Noel, Melissa Orrick, Larry Parker, Jerry “Montana” Paschall, Richard Paul, Rufus Peaks, Robert Perry, Charles “Chaplain Charles” Phipps, Simone Pierson, Hans Polak, Archie Powell, Ricky Prock, Bobby Putman, Keith Ramey, Otis Randolph, Nelson Ray, Fredrick “Fred” Richards, Jeff Richardson, Jeffrey Roberts, Mario Robich, Tiffany Rolle, Nicholas Rummel, David Rye, Colton Sanders, Matthew Schmidt, Sean Sehorn, Jeremy Shivers, Edward Smith, Danny Spencer, John Spencer, James Spratt, Frederick Stevenson, Michael Storey, Lawrence Stout, James Stutts, John Sugg, Roy Swafford, Harold Thompson, Joseph A. Tidwell, Joe Tinsley, Thomas “Tommy” Toombs, William Christopher Tucker Jr., Marice Underwood, Alfonzo Valencia, Holly Vantrease, John Velez, Lacie Waldrop Hayes, Kenneth Robert Wayne Walter, Lonnie Warren, Steven Warren, Eugene Douglas Wells, Charles White, Shameka White, Rodney Whitehead, Cornelius Whitlock, Kenneth “Kenny” Williams, Tony Williams, Willie Wilson, Tia Winford, Keith Winston, Mitchell Wolfe, Patrick Wooden, Preston P. Woods, Anthony Young, “Fast Blacc”, Carolyn, Darr, Wanda

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