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Spreading Love Far and Wide

“I heard about the Mission shortly after moving here,” said Holly. “At first, I was sending in donations, but as I began to learn more about the work the Mission does, I also decided to volunteer.”

Holly’s been volunteering for a few years now. She loved it so much she decided to commit weekly to serving in the kitchen. And about a year ago, she invited her friend Lee to join her.

“I worked full-time as a nurse, but now I’m in a season where the Lord has directed me to serve others,” shared Lee. “I started coming in early 2021. I’m so humbled and blessed by the experience.” Both women say meeting the men and women in the Mission’s Life Recovery Program is one of the biggest blessings of volunteering. The stories they hear each time they come inspire them.

“I’ve gotten great joy out of meeting men and women in the program, as well as those on staff, the people we are serving meals to, and even the people who are also volunteering,” shared Holly. Lee echoed that sentiment by saying, “I’ve meet people from all walks of life. And whether they work here, volunteer, or get help here—everyone here feels called here—and I’m encouraged by that.”

“The more I volunteer, the more I see first-hand how the Mission is truly the hands and feet of Christ in Nashville,” said Holly. “It’s impressive to learn that people come from across the country to attend this program.”

Holly has brought her parents to join her in serving, and even her college-age kids have come from time to time. “There’s also a church that comes on Saturday nights that I so love to volunteer with,” said Holly. “They are filled with hope and love. It’s contagious.”

“I have also enjoyed meeting other volunteers who serve,” shared Lee. “I met one volunteer who I see regularly. Each time we are here, we share Bible verses and discuss what God has been teaching us since we last saw each other. It’s so encouraging and uplifting.”

“There is a huge need for the Mission in this community,” said Holly. Lee added that, “This place is a reminder that we matter to God. We are children of God. Whatever our story is, the Lord sees us, He loves us, and He wants to gather us to Himself. The Mission becomes family to those who seek refuge there. And they get the encouragement they need at the Mission.”

“I’m blessed every time I come!” they said in chorus. The Mission is thankful for volunteers like Holly and Lee who give of their time and talents and in return bless the men, women, and children staying at the Mission with their love and care. If you’d like to learn more about volunteering, visit

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