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No Place Like Home

When La’Tosha’s living situation fell apart, she was devastated. She had no idea what to do or where to go. She wondered; where would their next meal come from, would they ever have a roof over their heads again, and how would her children respond.

After bouncing from place to place with family and friends, La’Tosha discovered Nashville Rescue Mission and made the difficult decision to ask for help. The Mission welcomed her and her children with open arms.

“We had been staying with different family members and friends,” shared La’Tosha. “But before that, we were renting a place when plumbing issues forced us to leave. It was uninhabitable, but we planned to return once repairs were made. The landlord wasn’t in a hurry to make repairs. And for a variety of reasons we were unable to return.”

La’Tosha comes from a large, diverse family. She was always extremely close to her mother, and when she died suddenly from an aneurysm, La’Tosha was crushed.

“My mom was my rock,” said La’Tosha. “She was always there for me. I have a supportive family. But trying to live with other people, even family, can be overwhelming,” said La’Tosha. “Each time we would move, it was stressful. We would stay with someone different and they would have their own set of rules. My kids didn’t know who to listen to. It took its toll on us.”

For some people, going to the Mission might be considered a last resort, but for La’Tosha, it was an answer to prayer. “I wish I had gone sooner,” said La’Tosha. “Being at the Mission has been much better because my kids are not getting yelled at. People aren’t trying to spank them. I’m not arguing back and forth with anybody else about things my kids may have done. It has relieved a lot of my stress.”

While staying at the Mission, La’Tosha has been able to save money, catch up on her bills, and make plans for her future. “Even while staying with friends and family, I was paying rent, utilities, and helping with other expenses,” said La’Tosha. “I wasn’t able to save any money and was working all the time. Case managers at the Mission helped me connect with the right social services and get my credit situation worked out. It’s been a huge blessing. Thanks to the Mission, we will soon be moving into our own place.”

In looking back, La’Tosha realizes she was not on the best path for her children’s sake. Her time at the Mission gave her the opportunity to take a timeout and make decisions that were in the best interest of her and her family. “I was not doing everything I knew I could do to be a good mother. I was devoting a lot of my time to things that were not important. My experience at the Mission helped me realize my kids are the most important thing in my life.”

At the Mission, La’Tosha and her family have had all their basic needs met. “We have food. I know there are meals for us every day. We can bathe. We can sleep without wondering if somebody’s going to shoot outside or come in and get us. I have felt protected, and the people here really love my kids. They hug them. My kids love them, too.”

And while being homeless might mean they don’t have all the luxuries many others may have, La’Tosha has not let that stop her from making sure her children look nice. “We might be homeless, but we don’t have to look like it. I want my kids to look nice regardless of what we are going through. I know if I’m feeling down and depressed, it affects the way I care for my kids. But when you look nice, it helps you feel good. That’s important to me.”

“I got the help I needed at the Mission, plus some things I didn’t even know I needed. We established a balanced routine of getting up, going to school, coming home, having dinner, doing homework, and going to bed. Having a schedule has done wonders for us. It’s going to be hard to leave, because I know we are going to miss everyone so much. The people here have become our family.”

Because of the generous support from people like you, La’Tosha was able to secure a place for them to live and was able to transition to independent living.

If you would like to help others like La’Tosha and her family, give today.


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