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New Year New Me

In light of the new year we spoke with two our Life Recovery Program graduates to learn about their 2021 goals and what their motivation was to join the Life Recovery Program! Read on to hear from Maquice and Zach.

Tell us a little about your story. What brought you to Nashville Rescue Mission? 

Maquice: I had come once before, but only came because others were wanting me to. I left before graduation. After that, things got worse. I found myself high and hating it and myself. I knew there was a better way, so I came back, but it was for myself this time.
Zach: I’ve had a drug addiction for a while now – heroin and meth. What led me to the Mission was a late-night run that turned into a nightmare. I was in a car accident with a friend, and it slung me out of the car. God’s grace kept me safe, and I realized I was headed to a darker place if I didn’t get help. I called my sister, and she and my brother-in-law brought me to the Mission. My family, this Mission, and God saved me.

What is your number one resolution this year? 

Maquice: I want to continue to build a relationship with God and develop a community that allows me to give back to others who are like me.
Zach: I want to become the best father, son, brother, nephew, and friend I can become. I lost my mom a week after I got to the Mission, and she has been with me in spirit this whole ride. I want to show the rest of my family that God can change our lives if we allow him.

Do you have any dreams for this next year? 

Maquice: My ultimate dream is to open a nonprofit that helps homeless people with addictions. This year’s goal is to start classes to become a counselor who works with addiction issues and homelessness.
Zach: I would say getting my high school diploma, but I passed my final exam on December 21st, and now I have my HSE diploma! I want to go to college and expand my education.

Is there anything you learned last year that you want to change this year? 

Maquice: In 2020, I learned that I need to focus on what matters. There are some things I need to handle, but others I need to leave with God. I have learned that God loves me, which in turn allows me to love others.
Zach: I learned the true meaning of “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone,” and that’s true when my mom passed away in July. I regretted all the time I spent chasing drugs and not being there for her, my family, and my kids. That’s something that I will change this year and years to come because my family is what drives me.

Nashville Rescue Mission’s Life Recovery Program gives men and women the chance to find hope, redemption, education, and sustainable life skills. Your donations to the Mission enable this program to continue and directly change lives.

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