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More Than Serving a Meal

As the owner of Brooks Technology Management on 2nd Avenue, Randy Brooks has seen his fair share of transient men and women walking the streets of Nashville. In the 15 years he’s been there, Randy has always wanted to help the homeless… sometimes offering them a job or giving them some money for a meal. Randy knows he’s been conned many times, but he’s determined not to let that stop him from helping.
Four years ago, as a Deacon at White House Church of Christ, Randy wanted to find some ways for his church to get involved in the community and give back. There were (and still are) so many needs, how does one decide whom to help. It was then, Randy thought of the homeless men and women who walk by his office each day.
Randy had heard of the Nashville Rescue Mission and decided to give them a call.
Today, Randy and his church are active volunteers at the Nashville Rescue Mission. Randy loves working the kitchen—whether that means serving food, washing dishes or cleaning up the dining room.
“Serving food at the Mission is more than just serving a meal,” says Randy. “It’s a great way to show God’s love to people who are really hurting and in need.”
Since then, Randy has also brought his staff on many occasions to the Mission to serve lunch to Nashville’s homeless and hungry.
“Now that I’m a volunteer at the Mission, I believe this is a better outlet of my time and money than trying to help the individual transient who walks by my office,” says Randy. “I know the wonderful work the Mission is doing to help the homeless and I’m glad to be a part of it.”
In fact, Randy not only volunteers at the Mission, he is also on the Mission’s Volunteer Advisory Committee—a team of folks who work together to create valuable serving opportunities for others who want to share their time and talents serving the homeless. Also, Randy’s company graciously provides the Mission with free service repairs for printing equipment, as well as free toner cartridges. These are valuable gifts to the Mission, as it allows for more donor dollars to be spent on our guests as opposed to administrative costs.
Volunteers like Randy are an enormous blessing to the Mission. The Nashville Rescue Mission is blessed to have volunteers who are willing to share their gifts, talents and experiences with our guests.
If you are interested in putting your time and talents to use serving Nashville’s homeless and hungry, please call Nathan Peeples, the new Director of Volunteer Services at 615-312-1544, or email or sign up on our volunteer page.

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