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25 Days of Love

To honor her 25th birthday, Dominique Jordan launched a “25 Days of Love” campaign. She spent 25 days serving individuals in the community, working with nonprofit organizations and agencies around the city. She planned dinners, hosted parties, visited schools, and more. “It is our duty and responsibility to uplift those in need in our city,” said Dominique. “Every small effort helps.”
Dominique’s first stop—Nashville Rescue Mission, where she helped fry turkeys during Tracy Lawrence’s Annual Turkey Fry. Her smile and positivity were contagious as she walked around the event encouraging guests, volunteers, and staff. She had such a wonderful time; Dominique returned to the Mission before Christmas to treat the men in the Mission’s Life Recovery Program with a special holiday dinner. Joining her in these ventures was her fiancé, Tennessee Titans Cornerback Coty Sensabaugh, who is also known for his serving heart. Together, the couple is changing lives by using their time and efforts to encourage others.
“This has been a really rewarding birthday experience,” she shares. “It’s a milestone year. So I wanted to do something I would always remember. During the Turkey Fry, I met some of the men in the Life Recovery Program. They were so appreciative. Their gratitude and appreciation motivated me so much. I’m thankful to be able to do something to help. I WANT to serve them!”
Dominique has a history of volunteerism. She grew up in a family active in the community and took on leadership roles while in high school. This exposure enabled her to more easily understand the plight of those in need. “Everyone goes through different trials in their life,” she explains. “The difference between someone who is homeless and someone who isn’t, is their support system. Your support system lifts you up during tragedy. I’m grateful for organizations such as Nashville Rescue Mission who act as a support system to the hungry and hurting. It is our responsibility to see those in need and build them back up.”
Every volunteer who walks through the doors of the Mission is contributing to that support system. The Mission is grateful for each one, including Dominique and Coty. All it takes, Dominique says, is time and motivation. “I’m only 25! Many young people think they can’t contribute because they don’t have extra funds. But that isn’t true. Everything helps. Time is one of our most valuable resources. I challenge each person to use yours to help others.”
As Dominique points out, there are so many other ways to get involved! Share a smile, serve a meal, or hold open a door. Every gesture made towards building someone’s support system goes further than you may ever know.

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