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Mission in My Words – Michael DelGiorno

Michael DelGiorno

My name is Michael DelGiorno and I am the midday talk show host at Super Talk 99.7 WTN here in Nashville. I am a huge supporter of the Nashville Rescue Mission. Now don’t misunderstand me when I tell you that while I’m a supporter, it has nothing to do with the Mission. Hear me out. I truly believe there is no other charitable organization out there that is capable of doing what they do…anywhere.
But that is not why I support them. The Mission receives my support not just because they deserve it, and many lives earthly and eternally depend on them; but, because I am commanded by God to do so. I repeat, my FAITH and ONLY life in-Christ calls me to look after the poor and SERVE.
In Matthew 25 Jesus tells the story of how things will go on Judgment Day. It is a chilling reminder of two things: there are sins of omission, just as there are sins of commission; as well as, we are responsible, accountable and condemnable for how we respond to His commands.
I have said on many occasions that I’d love to quit my job and work for the Mission full-time. But I believe God has me right where I am, where He needs me to be; doing the unique work He has designed me to do. And for nothing else, my position at WTN enables me to reach the masses with the Mission’s message of HOPE and the need to support their efforts. 
“Look around and find where God is already at work and join in. I can assure you the Nashville Rescue Mission is that place!”
The Nashville Rescue Mission is on the front lines of this human warfare, where the casualties are many and the stakes are for keeps (eternity). They don’t just feel sorry for the homeless, or hand them a few bucks or throw out a silent prayer. They provide the necessities of life to those in our society that for whatever reason are not capable of helping themselves. They provide a shower, a warm bed, a sense of home and belonging, training and discipleship—and ultimately a way out! A way out of addiction, a way off the streets, a way back to God’s purpose and self-sufficiency and, most importantly, a way to eternal life!
Well, we can’t all quit our jobs and do this full-time, but we can support the Mission financially, by volunteering, donating items and in prayer. Bottom line is we must answer the call. This generation of believers is responsible for this generation of souls, all over the world and especially here at home. We are blessed to have the Mission in Nashville…and they deserve our support and blessings. They deserve it and God demands it.
Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of the Nashville Rescue Mission. You’ll be a part of a daily miracle as they continue to restore lives to self-sufficiency and transform souls for eternity!
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