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Mercy Me's Nathan Cochran

Being in a band means I spend most of my time on the road. MercyMe has toured the country countless times. This gives us the distinct privilege to step outside of ourselves and meet all different types of people. One such instance was at a rescue mission in California. We spent a day there volunteering and listening to stories from homeless men who were in need of food and shelter.
I specifically remember one man. It didn’t take much on my part to help him. All I needed to do was give my time. It didn’t take any special skill to serve him a meal, greet him warmly, or ask how he was doing that day. He had a rough childhood and essentially lost his family. He didn’t have a support system. I can’t imagine living without the incredible support system of my family and friends. Many people would look at this man and make assumptions about why he was homeless and what decisions he’d made to come to that point. But that wasn’t my job. My job was simply to help and listen.
Over the past few years, I and the other members of MercyMe have moved to Nashville. This is our home now, and we are honored to serve our neighbors in need.
As believers, I know full well it is our responsibility to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We are convinced that fulfilling The Great Commission means helping others. It’s a no-brainer. We aren’t obligated to help­—rather, we desire to help because of the love and grace we’ve received. We understand what Christ did for us and therefore, we are compelled out of gratitude to love those around us, regardless of what they look like or where their home is.
While recording our holiday album, Mercy Me, It’s Christmas!, I got to thinking about what it would be like to be homeless during Christmas. Outside of being cold here in Tennessee, it would probably be lonely. But it would be so easy for people like you and I to help.
With this in mind, I encourage you to pick up an extra gift during your holiday shopping trips and bring it to Nashville Rescue Mission. Something as simple as a wrapped gift could remind a homeless man, woman, or child they aren’t alone this Christmas.
It doesn’t take much to help our neighbors. Together, let’s be a reflection of Christ’s love and grace.
Merry Christmas!
Nathan Cochran

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