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Josh Wilson's "That Was Then. This is Now"

“Today represents something beautiful,” Josh said, looking at the first row of the audience, a row of men about to graduate from the Nashville Rescue Mission’s Life Recovery Program. “Here in a second we’re going to see some ‘before’ pictures of when you guys first arrived here.”
A few weeks prior to this graduation ceremony, acclaimed musician Josh Wilson approached us and asked if he could perform his new single, not then released, for the men graduating from the program. Josh, a long time friend and volunteer here, knew that such a song would be more than fitting for the event. It talked about change.
If anyone knows how hard change can be, it’s the men and women in recovery. Looking back at the past, working through the in-between, and moving into the future is difficult. Overcoming addictions and restoring relationships isn’t easy. But with grace, determination, and support it IS possible to say, “that was then and this is now.”
“Everyone in this room has a ‘before,’” he continued. “Our pictures might not be up on this screen but we have our stories. We have bad things we wish we could go back and undo. But the beautiful thing about the grace of Jesus Christ is that we don’t HAVE to go back and undo them. Because He died for us on the cross, and if we place our faith in Him, we can turn from our sins and follow Him and HE can undo them for us… this song is for you guys.”

We are so grateful to Josh for once again sharing his heart with us and using his talent to serve those in need right here in Middle Tennessee where he lives. His reminder to put the past behind and move forward through Jesus’ grace is one we won’t soon forget!

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