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Jason Crabb

Whenever I see someone who is homeless I’ve often wondered, “How did that person get there? What’s their story?” I’m sure most of their stories would include the line, “It wasn’t something I planned.” The truth is this could easily be me or you. Each of us could be one bad choice away from losing everything.

People everywhere are hurting. I don’t think anyone plans to become homeless, or lose their job, or bury their child. But life happens. The challenges we face have a mind of their own. They don’t ask permission to enter our lives, and they don’t wait in line until we feel ready to deal with them. They rush in without warning—not one at a time, but in a flood. They become shackles that hold us down.
No wonder God wants us to share our ups and downs with each other and puts different people in our lives! There is always someone who has walked through the fire before us. Their testimonies, examples, and guidance give us strength.
When someone finds themselves homeless, I suspect they think they’re alone, but they’re not. God is there, and He’s reaching out to those in need here in our city through a place called Nashville Rescue Mission. Surrounded by a community of those who love the Lord and have these huge hearts of compassion for the hurting, that person who is homeless and feels very much alone can take refuge and find strength.

One of the things I love most about living in Nashville is that we go out of our way to take care of hurting people—especially the “least of these.” It’s something the Mission does every day. As a parent, it’s something I want to teach my kids, that it’s also our responsibility to help those who are in need.

When I stop for a second and realize, that this person, well, they’re also someone’s baby. Some momma rocked that child. And there’s nothing more precious than a child. In that moment, I catch a glimpse of how Jesus must see us—each of us is a precious child of God.
Then I ask myself, “What can I do to help?” I can support the work of Nashville Rescue Mission. They exist to give help, hope, and healing to those who may think they are all alone—they want to be that “someone” for the one who feels they have no one. It’s why I believe in and support the work of the Mission. When I don’t know what to do, they do know how to help the homeless in our community. They do it every day, 365 days a year—and for that, I’m grateful.

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