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HOT Patrol on the go

 Hot Patrol

If trends mean anything, Nashville may be in for a very hot summer. On the first day of June 2010, we saw highs in the 90s. Looking ahead, the Old Farmer’s Almanac states, “The hottest periods will occur in late June and early and mid-July.”
While heat and too much sun can make most of us uncomfortable, for those who live on the streets, the combination can be deadly. The homeless are deemed unwelcome in the cool comfort of malls, libraries and other public facilities, therefore they often roam the streets, looking for an escape from the heat.
“Hot Patrol” Hits the Streets
“On days when temperatures are 90 and above, the Nashville Rescue Mission sends out a group of people to patrol the streets of Nashville offering water to our city’s homeless,” says Ed Grimes, Director of Guest Ministries. “A cold bottle of water to those who are hot and in need is both thoughtful and necessary because it can prevent dehydration and possible illness.”
Thank You for Being an Oasis
As a faithful friend of the Mission, we hope you realize how critical your support is to the homeless and hurting in the Nashville area. Through your generosity, the Mission can provide food, clothing and shelter to our needy neighbors. You help provide these men, women and children an escape from the intense heat. Because of you, they have a place to go, food to eat, clothes to wear, a safe place to sleep and cold water to drink.
Next time you’re sweltering as you briefly tolerate the heat, dashing between your air-conditioned workplace, car or couch, pray for those without air-conditioning, a home or any shelter at all, and realize you are helping to make a difference in their lives. More than that, your support of the Mission offers them a place they will soon find out has a message of hope powerful enough to get them off the streets for good.
H2O - Hope to Others - Water with a Cause
The Mission’s Donation Center is located at 616 7th Avenue South, open Monday through Saturday, 7:00 am until 7:00 pm.


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