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Honoring Our Front Line Heroes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve likely heard the phrase “honor our front line heroes” floating around. There are so many people who have gone to work every day to help treat patients, deliver mail, deliver packages, maintain the safety and security of our communities, and so much more. Since Nashville Rescue Mission is an essential resource for so many in our community, our doors have remained open. We have served hundreds of men and women amidst the COVID-19 crisis, and it can’t be done without those on our front lines. These men and women have faithfully performed their jobs every day, providing love and care for Mission guests. We want to share some of their faces with you. Will you join us in honoring their service to the homeless community?


Meet Carlos.
Carlos is the 1st shift supervisor in Men’s Guest Services at Nashville Rescue Mission. Every day Carlos works endlessly to provide care and kindness to men who arrive at the Mission. Carlos spreads the love of Christ to every man who depends on our services; he knows them by name, their stories, and provides hope to them every day. Help us honor Carlos as a #FrontLineHero at Nashville Rescue Mission!

Meet Tony.
Tony is a Case Manager at Nashville Rescue Mission. He has been working at the Mission for 13 years, and is lovingly known as “Big Tony.” He is a friend to every man who enters our doors. He has worked to get many men into secure housing, and has such a servant’s heart. Help us honor Tony as a #FrontLineHero at Nashville Rescue Mission!

Meet Mike.
Mike is the Manager of Case Management at the Mission. He helps men and women access the resources they need. Mike is a life-long learner: he will be the first person to dig in and research a top he is unfamilar with and then turn around and share what he has learned with his team. The Mission is so grateful for Mike’s willingness to be innovative and to think outside of the box. His knowledge, insight, leadership, and input are extremely valuable to the Ministry team. Help us honor Mike as a #FrontLineHero at Nashville Rescue Mission!



There are so many faces and names that work on the front lines of Nashville Rescue Mission to provide hope to men, women, and children every day. The Mission is so very thankful for these employees who share the love of Christ to those in need.

Today, we #HonorOurFrontLineHeroes!

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