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Hearts Like Yours Gave Her a Chance

The day Jayde* turned to Nashville Rescue Mission in desperation, “I was actually on my last chance as far as I’m concerned,” she admits. But hearts like yours gave her a second chance—and hope again!

“I had been living in my car from the end of summer, the entire fall, and almost through winter,” she says.

“My job had actually supported me through that entire year. They’d let me park at the place I worked”—until “I was finally able to get a little place that was super cheap,” Jayde shares.

“But I lost my job there because, even though they’d helped me, I couldn’t stop drinking.

Then Jayde lost her house and moved in with her son for a few months. “But when he finally saw how bad I’d got, my family pretty much said, ‘This is it. We’re done with you if you don’t do something.’”

I had a wonderful friend who used to work at Nashville Rescue Mission.

“She told me all about the Mission, got me an appointment two days later, and they got me in here that day!” Jayde says.

“I knew about the Mission. I just had no idea they had a program like Life Recovery. I was blown away by it: they truly care, and they take care of the people here,” she says gratefully.

“Never in a million years would I have thought I would end up here. But thank God I knew something of it—because I probably wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for my volunteer work here . . .” Jayde says, remembering a time, years ago, when she volunteered at the Mission and met a special friend who eventually led her back to the Life Recovery Program.

“It only takes a couple of times volunteering before you see what the place is really about . . . it’s beautiful,” she says.

“This place is about people. It’s about making sure you do the one thing God wants you to do after loving Him: love your neighbor and take care of each other. I genuinely love every single person here!

Being a part of this loving family of friends is a blessing made possible through your support . . . a blessing that’s shared with every neighbor in need like Jayde. Thank you for helping ensure we can continue serving each guest—today, on Thanksgiving Day, and all year long!

*Name changed for privacy.

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