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Easter – Hope for Those in Despair

EasterFor many, Easter is a holiday when people think of spring, the Easter bunny and egg hunts. But more importantly, it is the celebration of Christ’s power over death. The great news Christians proclaim at Easter is that no human confinement—not even the tomb—is sufficient to restrain life, to kill faith or to deaden hope.

More than a meal
Sadly, many of the joys of Easter we hold dear are out of reach for the homeless. Women and children who are focused on surviving on the streets have little hope of egg hunts, let alone a God who loves them so much He would send His Son to die for their sins.
As Nashville celebrates Easter, the Mission is preparing over 3,000 meals for homeless men, women and children. Early Sunday morning, volunteers will arrive to prepare the big Easter meal consisting of ham, rolls, vegetables and dessert.
“It’s touching to see a family volunteering to serve food to a person in need of hope, love and compassion,” says Don Worrell, President and CEO. “In doing so, they are serving more than just a meal, they are showing the love of Christ to someone in need of hope.”
New life awaitsEaster Quote
“On Easter as well as every day, we strive to express the message of Jesus Christ’s love,” says Ed Grimes, Director of Transient Operations. “Often a meal is the doorway to a new life, as many make the decision to enter our life-recovery program.”
As Christ’s birth, death and resurrection exemplify, God is a God of surprise. It may surprise you then, to learn not every person admitted to our recovery program is chronically homeless. Formerly successful men and women regularly enter the Mission’s life-recovery program, which is designed to help them break their bad habits and change their destructive thinking patterns. Easter is a reminder of the new life these men and women have in Christ.
The message of Jesus, His birth, life, death and resurrection, is a message of hope. Jesus rose so each of us could have a chance to do the same no matter how far away we’ve strayed. Thanks to the support of friends like you, a multitude of men and women have experienced the hope of Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection.
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