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Doug & Kim – Mission in My Words

 Doug and Kim Mission in My WordsHaving just marked 7 years as a morning show team—94FM The Fish’s Family Friendly Morning Show Doug & Kim have seen first hand the difference the Nashville Rescue Mission has made in people’s lives.

 If you’re like us, you may find it’s easy to get caught up in our own little worlds. A sort of tunnel vision takes over and it takes something like a flood or an oil spill to remind us we are “our brother’s keeper.” At a time like this, if you’re not helping out one of your neighbors during their time of need, you are missing out. We are riveted to how blessed we are and humbled in seeing that we too are “in need” as much as any brother or sister who walks through the doors of the Nashville Rescue Mission.
One of the songs we play on The Fish is by Brandon Heath—it’s called “Give Me Your Eyes.” This song is such a bold reminder of how we don’t always see those in need around us and when we do finally open our eyes, we’re blind to loving them. It takes some effort for all of us to look at those around us, even strangers, and see this amazing masterpiece designed by God for something wonderful. The Nashville Rescue Mission practices this kind of love every day because they realize once a person is introduced to a loving God a life change will follow.
“The Nashville Rescue Mission is the difference between life and death for many.”

Over the years we’ve had many opportunities to be a part of the service team that is the community of Middle Tennessee, folks like you who give their time to the Nashville Rescue Mission. Serving food, reading to the children, organizing the clothes closet, sharing during chapel or giving money—it’s God using people to make an impact on how we see ourselves and our fellow man.
The idea of supporting the Mission is a no-brainer for us. We have seen first hand all the Mission does to change lives. You need to take a tour of the Mission if you think it’s only about “a hot & a cot.” The Mission is more than meals—it’s training for a job, it’s giving a single mother the support she needs to raise her family. The Nashville Rescue Mission is the difference between life and death for many. We are very blessed to live within the covering of the Mission.
Another one of our favorite songs on The Fish is from Leeland and Brandon Health—called “Follow You.” 
            I’ll follow you into the homes that are broken.
            Follow you into the world.
            Meet the needs for the poor and the needy—God.
            Follow you into the world.
Thanks for caring enough to meet the needs of the poor by supporting the Nashville Rescue Mission.


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