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Dave Ramsey: Mission in my Words

The Mission In My Words

This marks the 55th year the Nashville Rescue Mission has been lending a helping hand to the poor and hurting of our city. With each passing year, more people arrive at the Mission’s door seeking help and time after time the Mission meets each one of them with the message of God’s redemptive love.

The numbers of those who call the streets their home continues to rise and even more alarming is that the faces of the homeless are changing too…women and children arriving at the Mission in desperate need. But once again, the Mission sees the need and rises to the challenge. The Family Life and Hope Center stand tall as a beacon of hope for women and children seeking refuge from the storm…and for many a second chance at a life that was meant to be.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.” – Matthew 25:35

The Nashville Rescue Mission exemplifies the words Jesus spoke so long ago and continues to deliver on them day after day…year after year. I don’t know of another charitable organization out there that is more biblically based in its efforts than the Mission’s service to the poor—a meal, a place to lay your head and a message that can change everything…JESUS SAVES!

I support the Nashville Rescue Mission because of all of the items I mentioned above. The fact they provide these services free of charge and have never accepted a dime from the government and operate at no taxpayer expense is remarkable! We can all learn to be better stewards of the resources God provides by using the Mission as our example.

When I go to bed tonight, the family all tucked in, secure in the safety of our home, it is comforting to know the Mission will be standing guard in the night protecting the downtrodden and provide a safety net for those who have fallen through the cracks.

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