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CeCe Winans – Mission in My Words

CeCe Winans 

I grew up in a large family; there were 10 of us kids. My dad did every job imaginable to raise us, but he was a barber by trade. My mom took care of us, doing whatever she could to help. While we were never homeless, things weren’t always easy. But my parents taught us a valuable lesson—we are created to bless others.
The foundation of my life and career has been staying faithful to God. You know everything is going to be all right if you stay focused on Him. This has been my motivation throughout life, especially when it comes to the songs I sing. When I write or sing a song, it’s more than just a song; it’s about a relationship with a loving and real God.
Music has the power to uplift as well as to bring down. I’ve been privileged to sing uplifting music all of my life, and I’ve seen the power of it in people’s lives. I saw it the first time I sang at the Nashville Rescue Mission. What an honor! I got a chance to sing good news to people who are desperate for good news. Isn’t that something we all could use a little more of?

“Success is having peace in your life, because you soon learn as a person that fame, Grammys, riches…none of those things on the outside can bring you true success.”
Over the years I’d heard about the Mission. While we’ve donated many times, I’d never been there. My eyes were open wide after my first visit. It’s one thing to give from a distance. It’s another to go there and see the people who are struggling and suffering, and understand if we would just give a little, we could really change a person’s life.
There are people at the Mission who are hurting. They are in need of compassion and hope. On any given day, any of us could be in that person’s shoes. Everything the Lord blesses us with is meant for us to use to bless others.
While at the Mission, not only did I sing, I had the opportunity to speak from my heart. Sharing God’s word means more to me than singing any song. It’s great to sing songs that help or encourage us; these are powerful messages and things God smiles upon. But when you talk about the power of the living God and His awesomeness and His holiness, nothing could be more powerful. It penetrates the heart more than anything. I enjoyed being able to share my heart with the men and women at the Mission.
God is doing some amazing things through the Nashville Rescue Mission. I encourage you to go see for yourself and share a little of the good news you have in your heart with those in need.

CeCe Winans, is an R&B Gospel giant and winner of multiple GRAMMY®, Stellar and Dove Awards. She also has several gold and platinum certified albums, including Alone In His Presence.
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