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Celebrating Strength and Resilience on International Women’s Day

Located in the heart of Nashville, the Women & Children’s Campus of Nashville Rescue Mission serves as a symbol of hope. On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the transformative power of community support and the remarkable women who have found strength, new life, and Hope within our walls.


Persevering until the Miracle Unfolds

As Karen spoke about the meaning of strength, her words resonated deeply.

“To me, strength means survival. I’m a totally different person than the person who walked in here almost two years ago. I got very close to God. When I came here I was walking with a cane. I had deteriorated. But, God blessed me with a miracle and gave me back my legs,” she reflects.

Upon arriving at the Mission, Karen faced a challenging journey from relying on a cane to eventually needing a walker and wheelchair. However, her unwavering faith in the miraculous power of God led to restoration in the use of her legs. Her physical and spiritual healing during her time at Nashville Rescue Mission all started when she refused to give up. She chose to be strong and courageous. Surrendering control to God, she found the strength she needed in the assurance that He holds the future in His hands.

For Karen, the phrase “She laughs without fear of the future” signifies a relinquishing of worry. Embracing God’s guidance, Karen encourages others to let go of anxieties and listen to His direction, confident that He will lead them on the right path.

From Despair to Radical Transformation

Before finding her way to Nashville Rescue Mission, Star felt trapped in despair, battling depression and addiction as she struggled to cope with life’s challenges, especially that of losing her relationship with her children. Growing up with severe sickle-cell anemia, Star was often kept isolated in hospitals. Eventually, the loneliness became too much to bear, and she found herself turning away from the faith, losing all hope that restoration would ever find its way back to her life.

Hungry, cold, and alone, Star eventually found refuge at Nashville Rescue Mission, where she was welcomed with warmth and hospitality. Beyond providing necessities like food and shelter, the Mission offered her hope and healing for her pain.

“I’m so thankful for hope. It feels like I’ve accomplished a major thing…I’m proud of myself – there’s nothing I can’t do!”

With renewed purpose and determination, Star is committed to rebuilding her life, pursuing her dreams of becoming a registered nurse, and reconnecting with her children, fueled by her unwavering faith in Christ.

Discovering Redemption in Recovery

LuLu’s journey to Nashville Rescue Mission is marked by years of familial addiction, legal troubles, and personal hardships. LuLu found herself entangled in a cycle of substance abuse, resulting in losing custody of her child. After facing multiple losses of friends to overdoses followed by a deep sense of spiritual conviction, LuLu decided to pursue change and seek help.

Arriving at Nashville Rescue Mission, LuLu embarked on a journey of recovery and transformation, addressing her challenges head-on to secure a better future. Through her faith, LuLu found the strength to confront her past, embrace sobriety, and rebuild her life from the ground up.

Today, LuLu stands as a testament of redemption and resilience. She has found purpose and fulfillment in her role at Nashville Rescue Mission, saying, “I know that this is why God wanted me here. Because I do have a story, I do have compassion. And I do know what it takes and how to do it.”

Forged in Strength

As we reflect on these stories of triumph shared on International Women’s Day, the words of
Proverbs 31:25 echo with profound resonance, “She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.”

Through adversity, Karen, Star, and LuLu all found the strength to persevere with Christ as their anchor. We hope these stories serve as a reminder that you possess the same, unwavering strength through any trial.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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