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Andrea Jaxson

I was blessed to attend Nashville Rescue Mission’s Hearts of Hope luncheon this past February. This event truly inspired me, and touched me personally in so many ways.
I lost my mom in January of this year. As I listened to Sandy, who had graduated from the Mission’s Life Recovery Program in 2002, share her story about how the Mission had rescued her from a life of addiction—I could not help but relate to her story.
My mom spent most of her life searching for answers, and she too turned to everything else except a relationship with Jesus Christ. I watched my mom just exist for many years and not really live. It is so hard to watch a loved one’s life being destroyed by the bondage of addiction. As Sandy spoke, I kept thinking to myself, “If it weren’t for Nashville Rescue Mission, her story could have ended in tragedy.”
As I have the opportunity to talk with men and women from around the country every night, I’m reminded that people from all walks of life are dealing with serious issues. Some are family issues or health issues, but many of them are deep issues of the heart. People are dealing with depression, loneliness, isolation, and simply a lack of hope. Often, these issues are what lead a person to turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to numb the pain.
Nashville Rescue Mission provides the hope and healing that is needed to help those struggling with addiction. There is no doubt in my mind that if my mom would have reached out to a resource like the Mission, her life would have been much different. They are meeting a real life-saving need in the community and in the lives
 of individuals who need hope and a future. Thank you Nashville Rescue Mission, for being the hands and feet to so many in need.

Andrea Jaxson is the host of “Night LightTM with Andrea,” which airs in Nashville on 94 FM the FISH, weeknights from 7:00 p.m. – midnight (94.1 FM, 93.7 FM, & 104.9 FM). For over 17 years Andrea has been entertaining listeners and is recognized as one of the top talents in radio. She has been voted “On Air Personality of the Year” by Program Director.Net and “Radio Person of the Day” by Radio Daily News.

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