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Your Generosity Saves Lives

Tyrone’s long-time battle with addiction led to him living on the streets. With little hope, he was ready to give up.

“I was in an intense, dark place,” recalls Tyrone. “I didn’t want to live anymore.”

“But God put someone in my life who pointed me in a different direction—Nashville.” “I was ready to start over,” said Tyrone. “But I brought ‘me’ with me. I’m the same Tyrone, same behavior. I found a place to live. I got a job. But then I started getting high again.”

Tyrone’s pattern put him back on the same path.

“When the landlord said, ‘You can’t stay here anymore. You have to go.’ I was devastated. I was doing the same thing I did before. Nothing had changed.

“It was really a blessing. I don’t know where I would be right now if I had stayed in my mess.”

That night Tyrone was preparing to sleep behind a local business when an employee discovered him and told him he couldn’t stay there. But then, he told Tyrone about Nashville Rescue Mission and offered to drive him there.

“I came to Nashville for a fresh start,” said Tyrone. “But I found something better. Entering the Mission’s program not only changed my life, but it also saved my life.”

Faith had always been a part of Tyrone’s life growing up, but it was never for himself. He followed a religion and believed what he was told. “At the Mission, I participated in their Life Recovery Program, where I learned so much about myself and God. The program helped me see myself in a new light. It’s not about what I can do for Christ. It’s what He’s already done for me. He saved me, and now I want to live my life for him.”

Since completing the program, Tyrone has found a good job and a great church home. He has reconnected with his family and continues to look for ways to give back.

You saved Tyrone’s life. Without you, he would still be lost, which is why your gifts matter so much. Every day there are men and women, who much like Tyrone, walk through the doors of the Mission feeling like there’s no hope. But because of you and your support, help and hope waiting for them.

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