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Volunteers in Action

Volunteers come from all across Middle Tennessee to provide radical hospitality in action at Nashville Rescue Mission—like the Brentwood Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., who share their heart for this ministry in their own words . . .

“We first became involved with Nashville Rescue Mission volunteering as a dinner service team as part of our Founders’ Day activities. The response from the brothers was so positive, we decided to volunteer each quarter, and that quickly became each month, and we now provide dinner service every second Wednesday.

Many of our brothers had prior experiences with Nashville Rescue Mission through their employers and/or their churches. But I think we have all come to understand how vulnerable so many are to homelessness and food insecurity. We also try to provide a bit of good cheer and encouragement to all of the guests who come through the line!

Nashville Rescue Mission is a beacon of hope to so many people in our community, and it is a privilege to serve in this small way to advance work that’s so vital.

We talk quite a lot about how inspiring we find the experience of coming to the Mission and interacting with the guests. We are also inspired by the kitchen staff and the constant demand to provide three meals a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year: the demands placed on them is a well-kept secret in Nashville! But the need is ongoing, and we all gain so much from our service.

Everything Nashville Rescue Mission does to assist its guests is critical. Food, clothing, and shelter are basic necessities, but the many programs and services offered have the potential to place an individual on a path of independence.

Each time we come, there is a special feeling that results from our interactions with the kitchen staff—and our welcoming comments to guests.

The experience of homelessness is a topic that is front and center, especially during an election cycle. For so many in our community, homelessness is more of a challenge to be solved. However, many don’t understand at a deep level the difficulties the Mission faces providing food, shelter, and programs throughout the year. They don’t see the hundreds of people coming through the lines at dinnertime and wonder where all of that food comes from!

There is no greater way to serve the least of our brothers and sisters than to volunteer at the Mission. And the rewards far outweigh the effort!”

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