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Volunteer Spotlight: Rick Baxter

Rick Baxter is a musician by profession who first learned about Nashville Rescue Mission when he came to perform at a Mission service. “I sang to those who had come and was very moved by the work being done at the Mission,” he reflected. “I was not able then to volunteer full-time, but I became a donor [right away].” Yet by November 2020, Rick began volunteering on a regular basis.

Rick’s commitment to and passion for volunteering at the Mission has grown to include leading a weekly Bible Study and performing ministry at Sunday morning chapel monthly. “I am drawn to the cause of the homeless and/or addicted because of the hopelessness they face each day. I care and will do what I can to help,” Rick shared. He hopes that in return, he can offer a little hope to those who need it most.

Rick reflected on what he believes to be the crux of the Mission’s powerful vision: “Of all the services Nashville Rescue Mission provides, I believe the programs promoting Spiritual transformation through faith in Jesus Christ are the most important.” He noted with certainty that the “acts of Christian love, [such as] meals, shelter, clothing, and supportive community are important and meet immediate physical needs… But more importantly, Nashville Rescue Mission draws those in spiritual need to programs that will introduce them to Jesus – who, in turn, is able to give them a brand new life.”

Just as Rick learned about Nashville Rescue Mission from a friend, he knows how important it is to spread the word and share the realities of the city’s need. “When talking with friends about the Mission, I have found that many have no idea of the number of homeless being helped each day. With the homeless population growing in Nashville, it is important this information be as widespread as possible.”

We are thankful for volunteers like Rick who share their passions, dedication, and financial support. The Mission is able to do what we do because we have the most tremendous volunteers who make our vision a reality on a daily basis.

We invite you to join Rick and others in bringing love and joy to the Mission. Learn more online at

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