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Tracy Lawrence: Mission in My Words

Tracy Lawrence

“Somebody Who Would Die For You”
“He was beggin’ by the mini mart, who’da guessed he had a purple heart,
scars underneath his bearded chin, bet you don’t remember him,
’cause you were runnin’ twenty minutes late, and he was only gettin’ in your way,
but when you brushed by that wounded soul, last Thursday afternoon,
 you met somebody who would die for you…”
“Somebody who cares so much, they’d gladly give it all up, if that’s what they had to do, it runs deeper then flesh and blood. Heaven knows no greater love, than the sacrifice they’d make to see you through…somebody who would die for you.”
Most of us have enjoyed the feeling of security that a good job, a warm home, and the care of others provide: having a place to rest our head each night, a full belly, bills paid and a little money in our pocket, with friends and family that we can call on to share laughter and tears and see us through our toughest moments.   Most of us…not all of us.
Have you ever stopped to think what it would be like if tragedy struck and you lost the security that most of us take for granted? It could happen. As naturally as the sun rises and sets, within a day, a minute, or mere seconds, lives change.
In reality, any of us…from the most conservative church-going pillar of the community to the wealthiest of the wealthy…from bad choices or tragedy, could find ourselves in need. Misfortune, downsizing in staffing, poor life decisions, heartbreak and disaster are all unforeseen “life” events that are not dictated by race or status, gender or age. Any one of us, at any time, could fall upon hard times—and some fall harder than others.
Without question, our entire country is suffering; economic, social and political systems are failing all around us and our country is in a recession. While most of us are counting our pennies and making cuts in household budgets, there are others who have it much worse—folks who have but not one penny and have no place they call home.
When you walk by a gentleman curled up on a bench with only a newspaper to cover him, or see a woman and her children walking in shoes with no soles pushing a grocery cart filled with items collected along the roadside, do you ever ask yourself the question: How does someone end up in borrowed clothes, with no money and no place to go? How does someone end up in such a desperate situation with no visible way out, no way to rewind the clock, and no way to gather wasted time or capture missed moments?
We’ve all been in a bind or have suffered at one point or another. It might be something as simple as a flat tire or a dead battery. It might be as tragic as losing a loved one, losing a job, suffering injuries in an accident, receiving an unexpected health diagnosis, developing an addiction, or falling into a deep financial hole. We’ve all been in an instance when we’ve needed to call upon a friend. [If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Ecclesiastes 4:10] One friend everyone can count on is the Nashville Rescue Mission and its many staff members, volunteers and services.
It takes a big heart…to bypass judgment and move toward the search and rescue of those in need…to help guide folks toward personal stabilization…to nurture, coach, and help them to start a clean slate…to give them a new outlook and insight on God’s path for them…to help them recover from life’s unexpected blows. Well, that big heart is right in the center of Music City at the Nashville Rescue Mission. The folks at the Mission listen, counsel, educate, and coach. They encourage and guide their residents toward a life of faith—a life anew.
I dedicate “Somebody Who Would Die For You” (from my new CD entitled THE ROCK) to the Nashville Mission—the staff and volunteers, who without question or hesitation, give their heart and soul. And I’m asking you to carefully listen to the words of the first chorus and consider who you might be passing by because you’re in a hurry or you think you don’t have the time or the money.
Please don’t consider the reasons why you need to walk on by, ask yourself, “why not?” It just takes a minute to share a smile and share the love with our American brothers and sisters in need. “…Heaven knows no greater love than the sacrifice…” you make to see them through. Your small sacrifice can make BIG changes in someone’s life! IF YOU THINK YOU CAN’T, YOU CAN!


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