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The Great Thanksgiving Banquet 2010

Thanksgiving banquet

Thanksgiving—a season of festivities that focuses on our abundance of blessings. Yet, for the homeless, it can become a harsh reminder of the loneliness and despair these men, women and children feel every day. Outcasts shunned by society, who many times simply need a helping hand to regain their footing in life.

“This is a season of sharing hope with those who feel hopeless.” -Don Worrell
Hundreds of lives will be touched as a result of the Mission’s Annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet. Downtrodden souls who come through our doors to receive a hot meal, leave the banquet with something so much greater—hope for a brighter future through Jesus Christ. Since 1954, the Rescue Mission has been providing traditional Thanksgiving meals to the homeless and poor in the Nashville area.

Serving more than just turkey
Volunteers from all over Middle Tennessee fill the kitchen and dining room, ensuring guests have everything they need to enjoy a memorable Thanksgiving feast. The Mission strives to create a family atmosphere for every guest who comes through our doors. Our goal is to make sure that on this special day, the portion of society that is often overlooked, will feel the love of God through the efforts of all our volunteers and staff.
While most of the homeless men, women and children come for the food (which we work extra hard at making special), many also come for the fellowship, personal warmth and kindness that is extended to them. A smile, a kind word and a delicious meal becomes something for which they are truly thankful.
“Thank you for giving me a place where my hopes are being restored.”
On this day opinions as to the reasons why a person has become homeless are replaced with unconditional love and human kindness. The efforts of volunteers and staff provide dignity and respect for those who often feel isolated and alone. For some, this is the first step in turning their lives around.
As we open the doors to the dining room, thankfulness abounds. You can see it in the eyes of a homeless mother who is able to provide a wonderful memory to her children who in the past have only experienced the pain of poverty. You can see it in the smiles of volunteers who are touching the lives of people in need—working very hard and loving every minute of it. You can see it on the faces of staff members who know this day helps ease the pain of those on the streets, and it may be the start of a new life for some through our life-recovery and education programs.
Thank you
The generosity of faithful friends like you make it possible for this day to be special and keep the Nashville Rescue Mission’s doors open all year around. Thank you for caring for those in need.
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