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Supporter Spotlight: ABEC Electric Company


How did you get involved with Nashville Rescue Mission? 

ABEC first got involved with the Mission in the late nineties. It started with us donating food from various company functions. The gratitude they showed us for this small gesture was inspiring and demonstrated to us what a great organization the Mission is. ABEC has also performed some of the electrical work for various projects at the Mission. Through each encounter, we fell in love with the organization and their goal of serving the homeless in our community. 

What was it about the Mission that led to you deciding to support the organization? 

Once we saw the investment the Mission makes in the lives of the people they serve, we felt compelled to start supporting the organization financially. Over and over, we’ve seen the Mission express genuine concern for the people they help, regardless of a person’s past. Their focus on giving people HOPE—hope that they can overcome whatever their situation may be and move forward into a better life is encouraging. 

What aspect of the Mission’s work attracted you the most to support? 

One thing we sincerely appreciate about the Mission is the Christian-based approach they take with their recovery programs. For those who are willing to accept their help, the Mission will invest wholeheartedly in people. They are showing people in need that recovery isn’t just a temporary solution, but a life-changing event. 

Why do you continue to support the Mission? 

When you see the impact the Mission has on people and the entire Nashville community; it’s just something you want to be a part of. The Mission does so much more than give people a place to sleep or a meal to eat, they are investing time and resources to help them not just for today, but for the future and into eternity.

If you and your team want to get involved, please go to 

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