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Supporter Spotlight: 5by5 – A Change Agency

An interview with Shannon Litton, President and CEO of 5by5 – A Change Agency

How did you first get involved with the Mission?

I first became involved years ago when I joined my mother, who was volunteering at the Women’s Campus. Soon I was teaching classes and babysitting children. One weekend, we sponsored the ladies to attend a Women of Faith event and joined them. Becoming personally involved in their lives and stories was meaningful to me as a young woman. It helped to shape the professional decisions of working with nonprofits that I would later make.

Years later, I reconnected through 5by5’s work with the Mission. Now our team is honored to join forces with theirs. We visit, tour, and volunteer regularly. As a local business owner, I believe it’s our responsibility and a privilege to support those who support our community. We always walk away with a greater appreciation for our city and its needs and are inspired to do something to make a difference.

What motivated or prompted your first gift?

I was a volunteer before I was a donor. Once I became aware of the need and the Mission’s great work, providing financial support was an easy decision. The Mission does so much with every dollar. For those who want to give to genuinely life-changing work, there isn’t a better place.

What do you think is the most important thing Nashville Rescue Mission does? It truly provides hope. You can’t understand someone’s perspective unless you’ve been in their shoes.

While I haven’t been homeless myself, the relationships I’ve found with those who have has caused me to have great compassion for the hopelessness that accompanies homelessness. When you restore hope, you open up a new world of possibilities.

What do you wish other people knew about Nashville Rescue Mission?

The issues that the Mission tackles are complex. I am continually learning from the team at the Mission. Their commitment to fight and solve challenges is unwavering. They are the unsung heroes of our great city.

I encourage everyone to start with a tour. You have no idea until you see it! You’ll walk away inspired to give of your time, your resources, and your energy. Then jump in with both feet—you’ll never regret it!

Does your business want to support Nashville Rescue Mission like 5by5 does? Click here to see how your team can best help the Mission.

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