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Shining A Light For The Lord

One day the Lord put Matthew 5:16 on Sarah’s heart. After spending some time praying about it, Sarah and her husband Jason received a letter in the mail from Nashville Rescue Mission that mentioned a need for volunteers. This seemed like a great opportunity to shine their light into the lives of those in need.

When Sarah called, the volunteer coordinator asked if she would be willing to lead a Bible study for the women staying at the Mission. Six years later and she is still teaching the Bible to women who are in the first phase of the Mission’s Life Recovery Program. “I care deeply for those who are broken hearted and those who are in need,” said Sarah.

“Reaching out to the women who are taking their first big step on their journey of recovery at the Mission fulfills me in ways I can’t explain. It is a blessing to walk with them. And God gets all the glory for that.”

Soon after Sarah started leading the Bible study, she and her husband Jason felt called to lead a monthly chapel service for the women. “The ladies really enjoy it when Sarah and Jason are here,” said Jean Lazenby, assistant director, Women’s Guest Services. “They’ve been coming for several years now and feel like family. Many of the women have gotten to know them and have a strong connection to them and the message they bring.”

Today, Sarah and Jason have added a second monthly chapel service into the mix—this time at the men’s campus. “We have a

passion for the men and women at the Mission. We want to reach out to them and share the love of Christ with them,” said Jason. Over the last six years, they’ve had the opportunity to minister to hundreds of homeless and hurting individuals staying at the Mission. “The Mission reflects the love of God,” said Sarah. “And it is the heart of Nashville.”

“Until you actually talk with an individual, you really don’t know their story or how they got there … you only have assumptions,” said Jason. “Some are homeless because of things that happened beyond their control, others are homeless because of choices they’ve made, or maybe they’ve been uprooted from their home and now they’re trying to get back on their feet. It’s enlightening to minister to them and to hear more of their stories. This experience has given us a different perception on the individuals who are struggling with homelessness and are staying at the Mission.”

“During one of our chapel services, a man approached the altar with tears in his eyes,” shared Jason. “I was surprised when he told me that at one time in his life he had been a youth pastor. Yet on that day he was filled with guilt and shame. I had the privilege of praying with him and reminding him of Jesus’ love for him. He gave his life back to the Lord and couldn’t wait to tell his mom. In fact, he was so excited, he asked to use Sarah’s phone to call her. It was an incredibly moving experience for both of us.”

“The reason we support the Mission is because they are helping people who are in need,” said Sarah. “And we can see the impact of the work they are doing. They are transforming lives.”

Lives are changed every day because of volunteers like Sarah and Jason. Find out how you can use your skills and God-given gifts to bring hope to those in need:

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