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Shepherding the Flock

Volunteers making a difference at the Mission

I will place shepherds over them who will tend them… Jeremiah 23:4 NIV

In 2007, thousands of volunteers donated their time and talents to the homeless and needy while volunteering at the Mission. This group of thankless volunteers performs tasks and provides services we would be unable to do were it not for their willingness to serve.

On any given day you may find as many as 70 volunteers here either cooking in the kitchen, teaching a class or leading a time of devotion.

Volunteers lead the charge

We will have over 500 volunteers enter our doors during the course of 2 days to help cook food, serve meals,  clean dishes and visit with guests during our Thanksgiving Banquet. If the Mission were to hire for these positions, we would be unable to reach as many people as we do each year.

Managing a group of volunteers this size is no easy task. Which is why several of our volunteers formed a volunteer advisory committee who meet each month and brainstorm ideas on how to serve the homeless at the Mission in the most effective way possible.

New Shepherd Program

One of the ideas this group has come up with is our new “Shepherd Program.” This program consists of a team of 25 experienced and committed volunteers who will serve as “shepherds” to new volunteers who are eager to serve. Shepherds will greet volunteers and walk them through the process of serving.

The role of a shepherd will be especially helpful and essential on holidays like Thanksgiving when we have such large numbers of volunteers.  On a day that can be very busy, a shepherd will provide the organization and structure to keep things running smoothly. We know this will go a long way in creating a wonderful experience for new volunteers that will surely keep them coming back year after year to serve Nashville’s homeless and downtrodden.

We are so grateful for the creativity and resourcefulness of our volunteers. “When it comes to volunteers, our cup is full and overflowing with blessings,” said Bobby Nichols, Director of Volunteers.

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