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Serving With Purpose

When Matthew first signed up to volunteer at Nashville Rescue Mission, he did so with a purpose—he was looking for a place where he could get outside of himself and help other people.



“After battling an addiction to drugs, I moved to Nashville two years ago to become a part of a sober living community, which I’m still a part of today. In my addiction, I’m very self-centered. So, my sponsor suggested I find a place to volunteer where I could get outside of myself and serve others.”

Matthew asked around, and after several people suggested Nashville Rescue Mission, he decided to sign up. That was over a year ago, and Matthew has been volunteering regularly to serve breakfast at the Men’s Campus ever since.



“I had no idea the Mission had a recovery program,” said Matthew. “I honestly thought I was going to serve meals to people who were homeless. But on that first Sunday, the kitchen manager went around the group and asked each of us what we were most grateful for. I heard a lot of the men in the program say they were grateful to be clean another day. And since I was starting my recovery too, I felt safe enough to share.”

Matthew says he loves volunteering, and his time serving at the Mission has been an incredible experience. He missed it so much he was one of the first people to return to volunteering on the Mission’s campus after the pandemic restrictions were lifted.



Matthew says that volunteering at the Mission has provided him with a sense of community. “One of the reasons I keep coming back is hearing the success stories people share each week.”

As Matthew recalled hearing the Mission’s kitchen manager share his battle with a twenty-year addiction to crack and come out on the other side, he was inspired.

“This experience has allowed me to be outside of myself and connect with other people who are just like me— grateful for living life sober. I feel right at home at Nashville Rescue Mission.

Volunteers make an incredible difference in the lives of those being served at the Mission. If you’d like to be a part of this amazing experience, visit to learn more.

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