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Serving Where You're Planted

 Bob teaching class

Seven years ago, Bob and his wife Lena were planning to go to Kenya on a mission trip, but God had a different “mission” in mind.
“We’d been planning our Kenya trip for months,” says Bob. “I started having problems with my leg, and a trip to the doctor led to my needing surgery. The doctor also said a trip to Kenya was out of the question.”
Around the same time, the minister at their church approached Bob about leading a Bible study at the Nashville Rescue Mission.
God knows what He’s doing
“I had donated to the Mission,” shares Bob. “But to be honest with you, I’d never been there. My wife Lena and I prayed about it and felt God was leading us to a different type of mission field—at the Nashville Rescue Mission.”
According to Bob, God showed him his sense of humor by placing a man from Africa in his first class. “Instead of us going to Africa, God brought Africa to us,” shares Bob. “We’ve developed a friendship with Emmanuel, and he still comes to the Bible study.”Lena serving
"Volunteering my time here is such a rewarding experience and I know with God’s help I’m making a difference in their lives."
Bob and Lena have been faithful volunteers leading a weekly Bible study every Thursday for the last seven years. As volunteers, Bob and Lena see first hand the miracles God is doing in the lives of the men in the life-recovery program.
Why I volunteer
“The best part about volunteering at the Mission is watching the men grow,” shares Bob. “Over the course of 6 months it’s amazing to see the transformation many of them make. I’ve even had the privilege of leading a few of the men in the class to the Lord.”
When Bob isn’t teaching the Bible study at the Mission, he’s either working at Brooks Brothers (this after retiring from NES), teaching Sunday school, doing marriage counseling at his church or spending time with his family.
“I was widowed in 1994,” says Bob. “I met Lena in Sunday school. Today we teach the class together. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”
Bob and Lena still haven’t been to Kenya, but Bob says, “Maybe some day. For now, God’s got us exactly where He wants us—at the Nashville Rescue Mission.”
We are blessed to call people like Bob and Lena part of the Mission family. If you’d like more information about how you can be a part of volunteering your time and talents, please call our Volunteer Hotline at (615) 312-1544 or visit our website at
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