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No Greater Joy

 Don WorrellAs we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I am thankful not only for the uniqueness of His birth but also that a Savior was born to us!

In Luke we are told He was born in a manger because there was no shelter. It’s hard to imagine having no place to stay, let alone a stay that might include the birth of a baby.
Every day at the Mission we have men, women and children—even expectant mothers at our door. Their plea is much the same: “Is there any room for us?”
The Mission serves those who have no home, no warm bed and often no sign of hope on their face. Daily we can say, “Come in; we have room for you!” We provide them with a warm meal, a place to stay and a big dose of kindness. We pray with them and for them—hoping they will come to know Jesus.
“Your prayers and support ensure there is hope and help! Thank you for caring about people in need.”
There is no greater joy than seeing those in need of help, move forward, grow in a relationship with Christ and start a new life. I see them battle old habits, and with Christ, break the chains of addiction and destruction.
At the Mission we are blessed and honored to see the miracles of Christ’s healing power every day, all of which began with the birth of a baby who found shelter in a manger. A simple story that delivered the truth that a Savior is born to us all! 
As we celebrate, I thank you for your continued support through volunteering, donating and praying. As you experience Christmas, please be reminded that because of you, we have the opportunity to present Christ to those in need in body, mind and spirit. As you allow us to open the door, we are able to say, “Come in! We have room for you and are thankful for the opportunity to pour into your life.”
Don Worrell
President and CEO


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