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Mission In My Words: Matty Mullins

I’m a hope enthusiast. There’s nothing more exhilarating to me than seeing how God actively uses his children on earth to share eternal hope with the masses. God is constantly revealing himself to me, and this time it started with a bunch of combs—odd, I know—but bear with me. 

I started a hair product company called On Point Pomade. In 2017, I had a surplus of combs and wanted to donate them. I heard back from multiple people suggesting I give them to Nashville Rescue Mission. I was familiar with the name, so I made a call and they invited me down to drop off the combs and take a tour. 

While walking the halls and hearing these awe-inspiring stories, I was floored by the overwhelming amount of hope being offered there. It was incredible to see it for myself. I met some of the staff and heard about how they are serving those in need. 

Seeing the thousands of meals and shelter they provide EACH DAY for the hundreds of people who stay there made me well up with tears of joy. The Mission offers much more than food and shelter—education, freedom from addiction, and most importantly eternal life through a relationship with Jesus Christ! 

Each person needs to know they are important and their life matters. 

I grew up with parents who loved me. I’ve had access to things people who are experiencing homelessness may never have had. But pain and bondage are a universal language. No matter if you’re homeless and have a drug addiction, or you’re a millionaire and have a drug addiction, everybody deserves to feel loved and cared for. Each person needs to know they are important and their life matters. 

Having battled anxiety and depression for half my life I understand there are moments when it feels like the darkness has an unshakeable grip. It’s what inspired me to write the song, “No Hold On Me.” The song is an anthem and proclamation declaring victory over fear in Jesus Christ. The chorus says, ‘No more shackles on my feet / the devil’s got no hold on me / Jesus’ blood has set me free / the devil’s got no hold on me.’ 

I’ve been told that men and women in recovery, like those in the Mission’s program, have embraced this song. Hearing that means so much to me. I’m grateful for places like Nashville Rescue Mission. They are helping hurting people find freedom in Christ. They are teaching them biblical truths that extend far beyond this lifetime. This is love in action. THIS is hope.


A gifted performer with an ear for melody and a heart for empathy, Matty Mullins proclaims a courageous faith across two well-received solo albums and the inspiring new single, “No Hold On Me.” This Nashville singer shares the hope of the Gospel with a breathtaking combination of sincere passion and humility. Mullins is also the frontman for the hitmaking rock group Memphis May Fire, a band raised up from the hardcore-punk scene. 

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