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Mission In My Words: Gnash, Nashville Predators Mascot

Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences with Nashville Rescue Mission?

I don’t recall my first visit to the Mission, but I remember donating boxes of shirts there several years ago. Everyone was so grateful. Also, donating hats to the Mission is my favorite—because it means a Predators player scored a hat trick and the hats go to someone who may need them!


What has made Nashville Rescue Mission an organization you wanted to support or get involved with?

The Mission is there for those who might be down on their luck 365 days a year no matter what, just like our most loyal Preds fans. It does not matter if we are winning or losing; our loyal fans are there. The Mission is like that for those in need here in Nashville.


What are your thoughts on homelessness and addiction as it relates to those staying at the Mission?

Addiction and homelessness can happen to anyone.

It doesn’t matter your sex, color, or economic class. It could be you or someone in your family. We need to do everything we can to help our brothers and sisters because the next person could be someone you know.

Most of the people I’ve met at the Mission are happy to see me and usually greet me with a hug or high-five. In many cases they just want to bend your ear for a little bit, and that is perfectly fine with me. I am a great listener … not so much a great talker, though.


Why do you support the work of Nashville Rescue Mission?

I love the work the Mission is doing. We all need help at some point in our life. Nashville Rescue Mission offers that help for those who feel helpless. How can you not get behind that?!

The Mission has saved numerous lives. How many other organizations can claim that? We sell hot dogs and entertainment—they save lives.


Why do you think others in the community should support Nashville Rescue Mission or help those battling homelessness, addiction, hunger?

Like I said previously, addiction doesn’t care who you are or what you look like. We all need help from time to time. Sometimes that can be as little as a warm meal or a fresh shirt. We can all offer something to help those down on their luck.


In closing, in a few words, what comes to mind when you think of Nashville Rescue Mission?

Food, shelter, love, hope, compassion, the Nashville Way.


GNASH, the lovable and fun-loving Predators mascot, energizes the crowd during home games with stunts, skits, spirit and a trace of spunk. In 1971, construction crews discovered the bones of a saber-tooth tiger in a cave below Nashville, proving that they once inhabited this region. Archaeologists know the powerful cat survived the Ice Age longer than any other mammal, making it the dominant predator on the planet for thousands of years. The ice has returned, and apparently so has the saber-tooth tiger.

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