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Mission in My Words: Danielle Breezy

My husband Joe and I moved here in 2016. I’m originally from Philadelphia, however due to my career, I’ve lived in Oklahoma City, Dallas, and most recently, where Joe and I met, Boston. We will soon be celebrating our 6 year anniversary and we are excited to be living in Nashville.

In every city I’ve lived, I’ve made a point to get involved in the community. I believe it’s important to give back. Taking care of those in need is a value my parents instilled in me at an early age. My family and I used to visit and spend time with the elderly through our local church.

I have had the opportunity to serve at Nashville Rescue Mission’s Great Thanksgiving Banquet. It was a wonderful experience. Not only did I get to start a new tradition of serving with my husband, it was also beautiful to see the community come together to help those struggling with homelessness. The energy and excitement of the day was contagious and there were plenty of smiles to go around.

As I refilled the guests’ glasses with water and tea, I found myself striking up conversations with many of them. Each one had a story. I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘What if this was a member of my family?’ It certainly puts things into a different perspective and reminded me of how important it is to care for one another.

As the summer temperatures rise, caring about others—especially those who are homeless or living on the street, might make a life or death difference. The heat takes a toll, especially if you’re in it for extended periods of time. On days like that, water is a must.

Some of the first signs of heat-related illnesses include shaking, fainting, and a flushed face. The homeless have a great risk for severe forms of heat illness. Dehydration, fever, and heatstroke are a major concern. Which is why I believe it’s important to check on others and call for help if you see someone in need.

It’s at times like this when I’m especially grateful for Nashville Rescue Mission and the work they do. They are doing a phenomenal job of keeping people safe and healthy. Their doors are open to anyone who is in need of safe shelter, cold water, and cool air conditioning. It scares me to think what our city would be like without the crucial services the Mission provides. They are a big part of what makes Nashville a great place to be. I’m looking forward to bringing my family to serve with me this Thanksgiving. I hope to see you there.

Danielle Breezy joined News 2 as Chief Meteorologist in July 2016. Danielle is a graduate of Cornell University where she studied atmospheric science and communications. She has also been awarded the certified broadcast meteorologist seal from the American Meteorological Society. Danielle is the Chair of the AMS Board of Broadcast and she received the 2021 AMS Broadcaster of Year Award.

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