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Mission in My Words: Chris Tomlin

Growing up in the small town of Grand Saline, Texas, I never would have imagined my love for music would one day take me around the world. Through the many different people I have met and cultures I have experienced, my eyes and heart have been opened to the beautiful diversity of God’s creation and the wideness of His mercy for us all.
Along the way, I have had the privilege of meeting wonderful people who are doing profound work through responsible organizations in every region across the globe. But in recent years, now living with my wife, Lauren, and our two girls here in Middle Tennessee, it is inspiring to see the work of Nashville Rescue Mission connecting my fellow Nashvillians to the needs of our neighbors here at home.
About ten years ago, I learned that Bible study groups at the Mission had begun using my music as a soundtrack for their gatherings. I have always hoped that my platform might promote something more than just record sales, so to hear that some of my songs were helping framework the physical, emotional, and mental recovery of those whose journey had placed them under the care and tutelage of the Rescue Mission was deeply honoring. And then to think that this music might also aid the Mission in its Gospel-sensitive motive to spiritually restore those broken down by life right here in our zip code, I was so moved.
Sometimes it’s easier to support someone across the world rather than help our neighbor next door. When we remain on the outside of people’s lives, it is easy to judge their circumstances, but when you really get to the bottom of someone’s story, you realize there is so much involved in what brought them to the place of needing help—things in and out of their control. We have all needed a helping hand. So when we take the time to get to know the details of each other’s stories, we remember that the grace God has extended to us is the same grace He extends to every single person.
I love how Nashville Rescue Mission reflects this grace by becoming a lighthouse of refuge for the most vulnerable citizens of this city. Rescue is at the heart of the Gospel. And the Mission is simply inviting us to do our part in helping each other find home.

With ten albums, 15 No. 1 radio singles, a GRAMMY® Award and eight additional nominations, three Billboard Music Awards, 21 Dove Awards, a platinum and four gold albums to his credit, Chris Tomlin is among the most well-known and influential artists in contemporary Christian music.

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