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Mike and Susan Reinfeldt – Mission in My Words


Years ago on the streets of Seattle, Washington, our family met a homeless man. After several encounters, Hayden became a family friend and an invaluable part of our lives. We shared in his joys and sorrows as he attempted to turn his life around. A stubborn man, Hayden refused to seek the support of local homeless agencies. Sadly, one day he was found dead in a cheap hotel outside the city. Hayden is forever etched on our hearts and minds and his memory compels us to fight against homelessness.

When we moved to Nashville we discovered a gem in the city—Nashville Rescue Mission. Our first introduction was one cold Thanksgiving morning as we served food. It was a daunting experience as we watched “the least of these” line up in anticipation of a hot meal. They were “Haydens” in our midst, but with hope. That day we learned none of them needed to end up in a cheap hotel, under a bridge or in a car. The Mission offered them a way out—hope, redemption and healing.
“Our culture is poisoned by a sense of entitlement, but it’s wonderful to see organizations like the Mission pour into people without thought of personal gain. We can’t think of a better place for our family to spend time.”
Since then, we’ve explored the Mission’s life-recovery program and have seen the remarkable transformation of broken lives. We’ve returned to serve and share dinner. We’ve attended chapel and witnessed grown men, moved to tears, throw their arms in the air in praise of a God who saves.
Earlier this year our family foundation, Liv2Giv, partnered with the Mission to sponsor an event to raise awareness for the Mission while raising funds to help their programs thrive. During dinner, as the Men’s Choir sang with deep conviction, “How Great is Our God,” I remembered Hayden. I grieved for his lost life but shed tears of joy for the Mission men who’d found theirs’. Indeed, how great is our God who reaches from heaven to save us. How great is our God who loves us unconditionally and without end.
Our family is deeply committed to supporting the Mission. We ask you to join us in supporting the Mission through volunteer service, financial gifts and/or prayer. Who knows, your investment might very well save a life like Hayden’s.
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 Mike Reinfeldt is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Tennessee Titans. His wife Susan is the Founder and President of Liv2Giv, a teen-led organization where students serve and work together to make a difference in the lives of others. The Reinfeldt’s have two children: Jared and Elise.


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