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Mayor Karl Dean: Mission in my Words

The Mission In My Words

The Nashville Rescue Mission provides a remarkable service to the city of Nashville. Every day they are working diligently to improve the lives of hungry and homeless men, women and children in Middle Tennessee.

As the Mayor of Nashville, and someone who has volunteered at the Mission, I have firsthand knowledge of the work that goes on at the Nashville Rescue Mission. The Mission is a beacon of hope to the homeless in our city, providing them with food, clothing and shelter. And to think, they do all of this without receiving any kind of government assistance. The Mission raises private funds for all the vital services they provide to the homeless of Middle Tennessee.

I’m very proud to support a work that helps so many members of our city who are in need and makes a crucial impact on the welfare and livability of our entire community. The Nashville Rescue Mission is making a difference and transforming lives.

Last year, the Mission served over a half a million meals. I’m grateful to have been a small part of this process.  I’m also looking forward to celebrating the holiday season at the Mission this year.

Thousands of meals will be served during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, but the significance of this tradition goes well beyond the food served. Volunteers will be there making sure those often considered last will be abundantly served with not only a good meal, but with kindness and hope.

I can’t imagine what Nashville would be like without the services provided by the Mission. Since 1954, they’ve been helping our great city by providing food and shelter to the homeless and hungry at absolutely no taxpayer expense. I support the Nashville Rescue Mission and know their efforts on behalf of the poor and hurting of our community serve as an example for all of us and ultimately makes Nashville a great place to call home.

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