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Mayor Karl Dean – Mission in My Words

Mayor Karl DeanThe Nashville Rescue Mission provides a remarkable service to the city of Nashville. Each and every day throughout the year they are working diligently to improve the lives of hungry and homeless men, women and children in Middle Tennessee. I can’t imagine our city without the services provided by the Mission.

As the Mayor of Nashville, and someone who has volunteered at the Mission, one of my Thanksgiving traditions over the last several years has been to visit the Rescue Mission. Each year I have been asked to speak a few words and “officially” kick off the Great Thanksgiving Banquet. This has become one of the highlights of the holidays for me. After serving hundreds of plates of turkey and dressing, I always leave the Mission with a renewed sense of the power of healing, helping and second chances. Likewise, the homeless men, women and children who arrive at the Mission’s doors leave with a renewed strength and belief in what is possible. Addictions are overcome. Families are reunited.
"I’m very proud to support a work that helps so many members of our city who are in need and makes a crucial impact on the welfare and livability of our entire community."
Thousands of meals will be served during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, but the significance of this tradition goes well beyond the food served. Volunteers will be there making sure those often considered last will be abundantly served with not only a good meal, but with kindness and hope. For this day, those who are so often at the end of the line will step to the front.
The Nashville Rescue Mission’s contribution to our city is immeasurable. Their tireless efforts in helping the most vulnerable citizens of the Nashville area find a pathway off the streets impacts our city in ways most will never know. And each one of those healed lives has the potential to touch and to improve the lives of others. When families reconcile, communities and neighborhoods become stronger. When you realize the Mission has been doing this for over 56 years, well, our city can’t help but be better because of it.
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