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When There’s Nowhere Else To Go

“For years I had wondered what bridge I would eventually live under,” said Ralph.  

The decision on which bridge almost became a reality, the day he and his sister parted ways. The strain of living together had finally taken its toll and Ralph was in desperate need of a place to live. 

“I had never stayed in a shelter before,” said Ralph. “Although before moving to Nashville to live with my sister, I had bounced around sleeping on different people’s couches. But never on the streets.” 

Years before that, things were very different. Ralph was living in Texas, making six figures, working in the tech field. This was before his hips gave out on him. That coupled with some additional health problems led to Ralph being unable to work. His request for disability was denied. Eventually, he moved to Nashville to share a place with his sister, where he stayed for eight years.

The day he left his sister’s house, Ralph was already picking out a bridge, when a cousin told him about Nashville Rescue Mission. “The Lord has a funny way of redirecting. Instead of a bridge, I found a place of safe shelter. Being at the Mission is one of the better things that’s happened to me.” 

“It’s changed my life in more ways that I could have ever imagined,” shared Ralph. “All of my needs have been met, some in even unexpected ways.”

“For years I had wondered what bridge I would eventually live under.”

With access to various programs and services while staying at the Mission, Ralph’s life has changed in dramatic ways. Today, he’s no longer drinking. He’s received proper medical treatment and finally was approved for disability pay. With access to mental health care, Ralph started meeting regularly with a counselor to help with his anger issues and debilitating episodes of claustrophobia. “I’ve found the help I need to think more clearly and cope with my issues.”

“My time at the Mission has been educational and a positive experience,” said Ralph. “I started praying for patience specifically with dealing with my family, but God has taught me patience in other ways. I’ve learned you can’t expect people just to hand out help while you sit around doing nothing. But if you’re willing to reach out, help is here for the taking.”

Ralph realizes he didn’t get into this situation overnight and that it’s going to take time to get things in order.

“I’m not going to leave the Mission hastily. I’m allowing the case managers to help me and I’m taking my time to find the right place to live. I am grateful for the Mission and all this place has done for me.”

Like Ralph, there are many others with nowhere else to go. But with your support, the Mission stands ready to offer them safe shelter, hot meals, and the hope for a better tomorrow. It’s why each gift you give means so much. It has the power to change lives.

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