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Nashville Rescue Mission’s Life Recovery Program offers hope for today through warm meals, safe shelter, and loving care. But lasting change—the hope for tomorrow—is discovered in Jesus and developed over time with proven tools, training, and discipleship for true life transformation . . . pointing to hope for eternity!

As someone who experienced the healing power of life recovery personally, Stan can say exactly how he found his way to a positive, productive life through this hope-filled ministry we have the privilege to share . . .

“I was in Nashville. I’m a truck driver,” Stan says. “I came through here . . . and I relapsed. I stayed on the streets for about seven months before I could contact my family.

That call only brought him more heartbreak. “I made a call and my niece told me my cousin had died,” Stan shares. “I went back to attend the funeral, got cleaned up, picked myself back up,” and hit the road again. “I like driving,”—until—“I isolated myself again, and I ended up relapsing. Again,” he says.

“Together, with the grief, anger issues, depression, and guilt from the last time I relapsed, I wound up staying on the streets again for about a month and a half. That’s when I heard about the Life Recovery Program”—at Nashville Rescue Mission.

I came and talked, and they asked me, ‘Do you want to start over?’ I said, ‘I’m sure.’

“I’m 51 years old and I found myself here. I found my recovery here,” Stan says gratefully.

In fact, “I decided to go ahead and actually relocate to Nashville. Everything is taken care of. I owe my life to that, and my recovery,” he says.

“I can really say I was broken when I came here. I didn’t have anything: lost touch with my family, my daughter, my grandkids. I actually came here with a shirt, a pair of pants, and no shoes on when I came to the door.

Now, my integrity is back. I’m just happy to start over!

“I try to change every aspect of myself, and the Life Recovery Program actually pinpoints every single one to me,” Stan testifies. “It’s a confirmation that when you do good things, good things happen!

That’s the power of the Life Recovery Program. That’s the promise of life transformation in the Lord.

*Name changed for privacy

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