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Jaci Velasquez – Mission in My Words

 Jaci Velasquez

In my new role as co-host of The Family Friendly Morning Show on 94FM The Fish, I recently had the privilege of being a part of a radiothon for the Nashville Rescue Mission. It was an amazing experience. Not only was I able to see all the great work God is doing at the Mission, but I also got to meet some of the men and women who are currently going through the Mission’s seven-month life-recovery program. I was blown away.
I grew up in an evangelical church where my parents were singers, evangelists and pastors. I’ve never known a time when God was not a part of my life. But for so many of the men and women who come to the Nashville Rescue Mission, they’ve experienced a life of pain and suffering.
Many of them come to the Mission not knowing God and never having experienced His amazing grace. Not only does the Mission provide food, clothing and shelter to those in need, they are also sharing the message of Jesus Christ with those who are lost. Providing the essentials is important, especially if you’re hungry or homeless, but introducing a lost person to the saving grace of Jesus Christ is HUGE.

"The Nashville Rescue Mission is changing lives. If you’ve never been there, you really need to go and see for yourself the amazing things they are doing to help those in need."
I started singing when I was 9 years old. As a professional singer, I moved to Nashville to pursue my career. I’ve driven by the Nashville Rescue Mission many times over the years. I knew the Mission as a shelter for the homeless, but I never knew about all the other services they provide. Being a part of the radiothon opened my eyes to all they are doing to make Nashville a better place for everyone who lives here.
In addition to my co-hosting the radio show, I wear a lot of other hats. My husband Nic Gonzales (lead singer of the Christian group Salvador) and I have been blessed with two amazing sons. Zealand was born in 2007 and Soren in 2009. My kids are my world. We eat breakfast and dinner together every day (even though by the time I sit down to eat my food is cold).
One of my main goals is that when we are together I want to be completely focused on them. I want to give them my undivided attention. This is what the Nashville Rescue Mission does for the homeless and hurting—they are focused on helping them. They are giving them the attention they so desperately need.
Over the years I’ve learned that I can’t do everything; I can only do the things that are really, really important. My priorities are different than they used to be. Being a wife and a mother takes priority over everything else in my life. The work the Nashville Rescue Mission is doing is also very important. Your support is helping them to save lives both in the now and for the hereafter.
We are incredibly blessed to have a ministry like the Nashville Rescue Mission in our community. I’m so glad to be a part of it!
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