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It’s Personal

When his older brother died from an overdose 12 years ago, Rory felt compelled to donate to the place that had helped him—Nashville Rescue Mission. 

My brother struggled with his addiction for years,” shared Rory. “My wife and I would stop by Costco once a month, buy food in bulk, then drop it by the Mission as a way of honoring his memory.

Then Rory started volunteering to see their donations in action. This led to Rory bringing his wife and friends from church to the Mission for a tour. 

“I had this idea that the Mission was mainly about meals and beds, but the tour opened my eyes. There is so much more going on there; I knew I had to get more involved.” 

Having overcome his battle with alcohol many years ago, Rory felt a connection to the people he met while serving at the Mission. He started attending chapel services and participating in the weekly recovery meetings, and at one point sharing his testimony with the men. 

“I prayed God would use me and my story to touch the hearts of at least three people that night. When the fourth gentleman approached me afterwards, I knew I was doing what God wanted me to do.” 

“I think God’s been trying to get my attention my whole life,” shared Rory. “I started drinking at 15 and didn’t stop until I was 40. Things changed when I had a horrible dream that was so vivid it felt real. I believe God was showing me what would happen if I stayed on that path.

Things did change for Rory, which is why he feels so passionately about serving those in need.

I can say without hesitation, I am them. We are the same. There’s not any difference between us. I could be them. They could be me. 

For Rory it all comes down to loving people.

“Christ gave everything for me and my nonsense. In the Bible, it talks about lepers, the people who were unwanted. I think homeless people are often treated like lepers. Instead of shunning them, we should be embracing them with the love of Christ. It’s why I keep going back and serving. I’m on fire for the Mission and want to do all I can to spread their message and get more people involved.”

Volunteers like Rory are at the heart and soul of the work being done at the Mission. Visit our website at to learn more about how you too can make an impact. 

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